Pizza Making

A gift the whole family can enjoy.


My parents bought me a Roccbox for Christmas one year and we’ve been making pizza nearly every weekend since. This oven reaches 900F and can make personal sized pizzas up to 12″

Ooni Koda 16

If you want to make larger sized pizzas, this is the ticket. Its basically a Roccbox that can make 16″ pies.

Turning Peel

If you’re going to cook Neapolitan style, grab a turning peel. This helps you rotate the pizza while its still in the oven.

Pizza Cutter

Some people use scissors these days. I still use a wheel style cutter. This one has a good blade and grip. I’ve had it several years and it’s still going strong.

00 Flour

Using 00 Flour will give you the best texture for pizza. I use a 24 hour ‘no knead’ recipe for pizza dough that you can find in the description of my youtube video.

SAF Red Yeast

This is my go-to instant yeast. I store it in the freezer using a dark air tight jar.