John P. Bishop

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Find the perfect gift for the world’s best dad.

John has way too many hobbies. -Sara

Live your best.

Video Drones

Has everything does he? What about a 4k video drone that can auto-follow him on his electric scooter? Mm hmm, you should maybe check these out.

Virtual Reality

When you’re too old and fat to play ping-pong at the gym, you just play in VR.

Electric Transport

I wear a helmet to check the mail now. If you fall at 25mph its your own asphalt.

3D Printing

Be the king of keychains. Fix broken knobs and handles with ease. Adorn the entire house with glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.

Microgreens and Sprouts

My only healthy hobbies.

Pizza Making

To balance out all the sprouts and microgreens.

“If you want her to love you, make breakfast tacos.”

John Bishop

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